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Suwannee River on a stormy day

Welcome to the Wetland Ecosystems Group

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We study how wetland ecosystems and the landscape context they are situated in are being altered due to climate change.

The coastal margin is a complex socio-ecological landscape that is experiencing more frequent and stronger hazards from the coasts due to global climate change. Saltwater intrusion and Sea level rise (SWISLR) are placing coastal ecosystems under increasing threat, while humans in the coastal margin are pressured to make critical decisions regarding livelihood and well-being. Assessing, predicting, and mitigating the myriad challenges to the coastal margin requires a holistic approach that can integrate knowledge from different disciplines and work at multiple scales.

Taking an Interdisciplinary Approach

We used knowledge and skills from several disciplines to address the mounting challenges present in the coastal land margin. Presently these cover the natural sciences side, which include ecology, hydrology, remote sensing, and biogeochemistry. In the future we plan to expand our research efforts to concurrently investigate related socio-economic issues.

Suwannee River forest